As some ungrateful users of Soulseek have been complaining that we don't do enough to ensure the stability of our server, we would like you to understand, that we also have enormous costs to make it all running for you, and remember that we don't do it for money. We do it as a free service for all of you, though we appreciate the Donations you give. Seriously, what do you expect from us ? We do the best we can, and we can NOT afford to invest in another server as some of you have suggested. Therefore we bring you a fact sheet here, so you can understand our financial difficulties. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and we hope that those of you who have not donated yet, will do so. Maybe we will lift the 70.000 users limit if enough of you do.

Nir and Roz

If donating, please enter your exact soulseek username (required for privileges):

Income from 5.200 "Donors", and we won't even include the other 5.000 who aren't as faithful to donate every month as we use that money for taxes, retirement, health and dental insurances, and some money for our hangarounds.(but if you really have to know, it amounts to another app. $25.000 / month extra)

$26.000 /month

(or $51.000 if you insist on including the "unfaithful's")


ISP and domain registry. Never mind the DNS as we forget to pay anyway.

Total $1.000 / month

Leased Server hardware.

Total $99 /month


Total $9.99 / month

Leased Housing for our server, Nir and Rozalind, and some hangarounds.

Total $1.000 / month

Leased company car.

Total $899 / month

One 6 day trip to Hawaii for 2 persons a month for some R&R.

Total $2.051 / month

150 Pizzas for Nir,Roz and hangarounds.

Total $1.200 / month

60 cases of Beer to go with the food.

Total $750 / month

60 bottles of Whiskey for vitamins, and we do prefer Scotch.

Total $600 / month

Our daily dose of "tobacco".

Total $450 / month


Phone and fax. "Don't call us, we call you" if you believe it.

Total $99 / month


Well, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do..once a week when not in Hawaii.

Total $4.500 / month


Play list:

01 essell - daydream
02 kilowatts - close the door
03 6ecko - valentine
04 dof - dance of the yellow kitchen
05 cosmo d - on the ocean train
06 ender - im not saying it wasnt a nice evening
07 4deptus - fog
08 frame - ask me first
09 plagasul and rich 1004 - core
10 laze - senshi (go to sleep)
11 taffmonster - tragic cut
12 lim - hushpointshelter
13 kernel32 - blistera
14 funtazy - inside
15 sugarush - grain

Income: $26.000
Expenses: $12.657
Balance : $13.343

We hope that you all understand that we can not afford to buy any more hardware to improve the service as we are struggling hard enough already to make ends meet. So please stop complaining, and enjoy the service we're already providing.

Created by Matis Keynell Copyright 2003